MACC Fund Trek 100 2020

Gordon Aluminum Trek 100 Team
Gordon Aluminum Trek 100 Team

Gordon Aluminum

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Gordon Aluminum Trek 100 team! We are looking forward to a great day of cycling and raising money for the MACC Fund to help cure childhood cancers and related blood disorders.  One hundred miles is a long way, but not nearly as long as the road so many children with these diseases face.  Please help us help them.

You can join the team and choose to ride 17, 34, 64, or 100 miles on any route you'd like, and log the ride on Strava (see site for details).  If you complete your ride, you'll get a Gordon Aluminum Trek 100 t-shirt with your milage on it.  Or, if you'd rather not ride, you can pledge your financial support for the team or specific riders.  Any amount helps!

Please consider helping the MACC Fund in their fight against these terrible diseases.  Thank you for your support!

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