2018 Trek 100

Team Jeremy Rosen

Jeremy Rosen was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma when he was 17.  At the time, he was a senior on his high school's Basketball team and lived for sports. Through his eight-year battle with cancer, Jeremy lost his ability to compete in organized sports, but never lost his love for the game. Rather than playing, Jeremy spent a vast majority of his time watching both professional and collegiate sports, cheering on his favorite players, and even coaching at Marquette Basketball Camp.

Jeremy passed away on July 12, 2008, about a week after his 25th birthday. Never in his eight-year battle did he ever complain about being diagnosed with cancer, or having to fight so hard for his life. He always looked at the positive aspects of his cancer, like spending time with his family, meeting so many important friends, and being able to impact the people around him. In addition, Jeremy refused to let cancer define his life. He continued to fight through pain and accomplish everything he wanted to in his life, including traveling, going to school, attending sporting events, and even marrying the love of his life.  Jeremy taught all of us the meaning of life and how to persevere through the challenges it throws our way!

Due to Jeremy’s battle with cancer and love of sports, Jeremy was always passionate about the MACC Fund. He was so honored when he was asked to be a guest speaker at the 25th anniversary gala and loved cheering on all of his friends and family as they biked in his honor at the Trek 100 each year.

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