Trek 100 Frequently Asked Questions

The ride


Is the event happening at Trek Headquarters this year? 

For 2020, we are NOT hosting the Trek 100 at Trek Headquarters. Please enjoy the ride on your own and with loved ones.  


Where should I ride? 
Anywhere you’d like! Your local Trek retailer can give you great suggestions, and even help tailor a rideto youchosen distance.  


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I’ve never ridden 100 miles before, what do I need to know? 
Planning makes perfect. Have a support crew and talk with friends and/or family to help you with nutrition, bike, and moral support! Reach out to your local Trek retailer and ask them for route suggestions.  


What to carry and how to pack it 



What if the weather is bad? 
There’s always tomorrow! We’d love to have your pledges and donations submitted by August 22ndbut if the weather doesn’t cooperate, go for a ride on the 23rd. You can always ride inside on your trainer, too! 


Create your Zwift account here  



What if my bike breaks down? 
Make sure your bike is ready to roll by having it tuned at your local Trek retailer. Please plan ahead and have emergency contacts ready to help you out on the road. Share your route and planned start and finish times with friends and family, and carry a cell phone so you can reach out to them in case of an emergency. 


How can I share my ride? 
You can join us by documenting your ride on the Trek 100 Strava club, and you can also tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #Trek100. 


Should I ride with others? 
We encourage social distancing and safe, healthy riding practices. Feel free to ride with loves ones, butplease ride within your comfort zone and make the right decision for yourself and your community! 


How do I get a customized race number and frame sticker? 
Be sure to register before July 22nd to receive a customized number plate and frame sticker with your name on it!  


When will I get my t-shirt? 
If you registered to ride before July 22ndyou’ll get your shirt before the ride on August 22nd. If you registered after July 22ndyou'll get your shirt after the event date.  


Are pledges required? 
That's what the Trek 100 is all about: supporting the MACC Fund. The money you raise will help fight childhood cancer and related blood disorders.  


When are pledges due? 

Pledges are due September 30th, 2020. Click here to download the 2020 pledge form.

What if my question isn't answered here?  

We'd be happy to help you out. Send us an email at trek100@trekbikes.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.