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The Trek 100 is going to be different this year—but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a great day on the bike! Here are a few tips for making your ride from home your best ride of the year. 

1. Have a hearty breakfast 

If you’ve done Trek 100 in the past, you know great food is a big part of this event. Let’s keep that tradition going, even in this ride-from-home event! Starting your day with a great meal will ensure you’ve got enough in the tank when it matters. 


 2. Plan your route 

There’s something to be said for wandering, but we recommend you plot your Trek 100 route using an app like MapMyRide, Ride Spot, Strava, or bikemap. Your local Trek retailer can also recommend great routes for your area. The ideal route will have plenty of places to refuel on food and water. Check your route out ahead of time to make it doesand consider completing your ride by doing several laps of a course rather than a single long loop. 




 3. Get your bike ready to roll 

Trek 100 is all about funand your ride’s not gonna be as fun as it could be if you end up facing mechanical problems. The best way to avoid them is to schedule a tune-up with your local Trek retailer. And check out the link below to learn how to perform a pre-ride check before you roll out!  





4. Don’t make it your first ride of the year 

We highly recommend you spend time in the saddle ahead of August 22nd. This will help you get more comfortable on the road, and it’ll also help you discover any issues with your gear. Break in your cycling shoes and bike shortsStart now by easing into longer ridesthen work your way up to your Trek 100 distance.  


5. Get the right gear now 

Having the right gear makes all the difference on a long ride, and there are some essentials you should carry with you no matter how far you’re going. Spend the time now choosing which shoes, bike shorts, gloves, helmet, and jersey you’ll wear for Trek 100 so you don’t have to decide on the morning August 22nd. And be sure you have daytime running lights and a flat kit! 








6. Share the love 

By riding the 2020 Trek 100, you’re doing something truly meaningful. The MACC Fund relies on your support to help in the fight to end childhood cancer. And because Trek 100 is the only fundraiser they’re able to host this year, your support matters now more than ever. Tell your social networks what you’re doing by tagging #Trek100 in your photos. Your ride could inspire others to join you in making a difference. 

7. End your ride right 

Everyone knows the Trek 100 afterparty is a legendary event, and we’ll be back at it soon with another epic celebrationThis year, make your ride a true Trek 100 by stocking up on great food (BBQ!) and Capital Brewery Beer to enjoy at home when your ride is over.